Live Music & Food Truck: Winery at Bull Run

Located on 225 acres of land in Centreville, Virginia- it is in the heart of the Manassas Battlefield. Additionally, it is also apart of an estate vineyard, Rock Mill, located in Little Washington, Virginia. The winery features artifacts from the Civil War as well as ruins amongst a rustic setting.

This year, there is an expanded area that welcomes families as well as an adults only area. Besides, red and white wines; the menu on the weekend includes delicious sangria.


League of Most Interesting Gentleman. Join Mr. Thomas Jefferson and Dr. Benjamin Franklin of The League of Most Interesting Gentleman on Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend to discuss their favorite topics- liberty, taxes, religion, education, politics (18th century naturally), and wine- all interspersed with "feckless mirth."

UFO Food Truck. American classics like cheeseburger, barbeque and buffalo chicken.

Live Music by Matt Waller. Sounds of Ed Sheeran, Jack Johnson and Kings of Leon.

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