Quick Sip: Boomf Marshmallow

Having family faraway- including nieces and nephews- I am always looking for creative ways to send birthday and holiday wishes. Not trying to break the bank, yet tryingt to keep it personal, I stumbled upon the Boomf Marshmallow Company.

They offer three diffferent services. The first, my favorite, is they put your Social Media pictures on marshmallows. This is not the typical personalized M&Ms; these are cute square marshmallows in a set of 9- vanilla or strawberry. Not only do they come in a box- they make great pops- for cakes, arrangments, or just a lollipop.


Not a marshmallow lover- they also put images on chocolate bars- which you can include a sweet personalized message. These are 10x10 cm (this is a British company owned in part by the Dutchess of Cambridge's brother, James Middleton) so it is the metric system for size.

Lastly, they offer flutter cards- images with a fluttery butterfly or a Boomf bomb card- which bursts with confetti to the receiver with your greetings.

This company definitely has fun- and tasty- ideas of what to do with all those pictures we take. Check out Boomf.com for more ideas and free shipping!


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