Quick Sip: Sweet Home Oklahoma

If this show was an hour, and maybe gave more shade like an old Swamp Oak, we would do recaps. At first, I was doubtful on the premise. I thought this trio of friends was like any gaggle when I get together with my friends.

Refreshingly this group of friends is not about the "I have" and you do not from prior Bravo TV shows. Sadly, as with a lot of Bravo Television Shows, I have commitment issues. I get attached and they don't do season 2. I barely get past the first date and contemplate going on the second, and they don't bring them back. Some of my lost loves- Mother Funders, Secrets and Wives (not sure where the title came from or the premise, but I liked it) and Princesses of Long Island. There is a few more I liked too- but that is like dusting off old boyfriends- sometimes there is just no point. No hope. 

In Oklahoma, it is the land of being "Not Texas" or the Place "North of Texas." Orange dirt, prairie dogs and everything is closed on Sundays. Driving on long stretches of highway, you will see cattle, some rusty oil pumps and tornadoes. Did Bravo Television try to appease the mid-west after pissing everyone off after Vicki Gulvanson's disparaging comments on Real Housewives of Orange County when her son-in-law was stationed there and her daughter Brianna leaving it to find "real" doctors?

It is here in this southern, mid-west paradise, we meet Jennifer Welch, her ex-husband (sometimes token effeminate modern male complete with spotty past and quick zingers), Lee Murphy and Angie "Pumps" Sullivan. At first, I thought Lee and Jennifer were twins. They are not. Sometimes you may feel like the show is scripted- i.e. the dating shame of spying on Lee's date or when Pumps was genius enough to put her fitbit on her dog. But hey, I don't care. I still find them charming. I find them charming when they talk about witch hairs- I have one. I find them charming about complicated with relationships with ex-husbands- I have one. I find Josh annoyingly pleasant- he is lazy- I know those men too who are tired once they hit their 40s and I love he isn't the token husband. He isn't the Bill Gates or Steve Jobs of Oklahoma. No one is taking him in for his status- it is purely for his delightful self. 

Sample Episodes

Episode 1. We meet three rides-or die friends who live boldly liberal lives in one of the most conservative states in the nation. Jen and Lee try to get the old Angie "Pumps" back, but the current version isn't going anywhere. Meanwhile, Josh and Jen navigate the role reversal of their post-married life.

Episode 2. Lee goes on a blind date for the first time in 17 years, but Jen and Pumps aren't going to make it easy for her. Josh contemplates his future and is determined to make the most of his summer with the boys.

Episode 3. The group takes a road trip to Grand Lake for a weekend getaway. Pumps get mad when Lee and Jen make her the butt of their pranks. Josh irritates everyone with his sexual banter.

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