Real Housewives of Potomac Season 2 Premiers

Down and Dirty Thoughts

  • Opening of where the girls are now: Gizelle is running from bees, Karen is buying wine, Charrisse is trying to convince the world she is happy (good for her, that is not sarcasm), Ashely is working the restaurant...did I forget anyone?
  • Ashley lives in downtown D.C. Robyn moved to Hanover, MD (definitely not Potomac). 
  • Ashley watches too much Dirty Dancing and tries to recreate it with her Howard Theater Dance Competition Partner.
  • Karen goes house hunting with her man- looking to "re-size." She has to look for a house that has a lot of bells and whistles; her current home has little to no style so she has to rely on the house for her decor. That can be daunting a task- it is asking a lot out of a house.
  • Michael is stressing the restaurant break even point- obviously Ashley is "over it" already and ready to move onto babies. He goes from cranky wallet to grumpy daddy in moments; with an Australian accent.
  • Gizelle visits Robyn to see how far she has fallen in her bankruptcy. I wonder if she wants to see since she got so much hate on her kitchen last season- and her counter tops.
  • Charrisse makes her entrance to the Howard Theater, armed with her Voice and her Louboutins, ready to talk to Gizelle.
  • Karen is starting to like Ashley. Gizelle was actually fair to her in the dance competition. 
  • Charrisse takes aside Gizelle outside- not only was she dropping dimes on her business during divorce (whether she was seeing someone) but she should know in high-profile high-stakes divorces that have kids involved and money on the table, you close ranks.
  • Does feel really weird not to have the Ball and Gala Girl, Katie not on the main credits...

Cherry Blossom Highlight

Charrisse is every girl's best friend. She never wants to leave anyone out- she invites and brings women together. She mentors the other basketball wives. You feel bad for her going through the demise of her marriage. You cheer for her to be happy- regardless of it being her trying to convince herself or not- that is where it usually starts first- you fake it till you feel it. Watching Gizelle drop dimes on her- just isn't right. It makes me squirm; I don't blame Robyn for being a little nervous about it and saying it out loud. I make the practice- 1) even if you cross me, I honor our confidences of what was said to me in friendship and loyalty 2) I don't say anything behind someone's back I wouldn't say to their face. Robyn would say to Gizelle her feelings on her betrayal of Charrisse- she wears her feelings upfront- on her sleeve, forehead, and her face. There is no poker face there. She isn't high rolling at the MGM for her poker skills. Sadly though as Charrisse is gaining back her voice- anyone who crosses her now is going to get it twice as hard now. Once you unleash the angry woman inside- the one who was betrayed, feels like you were discarded by your husband, taken for granted- the kraken is unleashed when you find your voice again.


Ashley loves to hump. This time she was humping for a cause. (Karen)

D.C. Interesting

A lot of focus was made on the restaurant Oz this episode. Located in Arlington, the restaurant is still open. The current yelp reviews are 3.5 out of 5. I wonder if some customers are harsher than others; depending on whose Team they are on relating to the Real Housewives of Potomac. They are not that active on Social Media- maybe relying on riding Ashley's coattails. The Review Highlights are overall positive such as:

The camel slider wasn't particularly memorable, but the kangaroo slider was very delicious, with a good amount of seasoning and flavor.

Happy hour has 3 whites and 3 reds priced at $5 a glass, and all pours were fairly reasonable if not on the larger side.

I am surprised this restaurant hasn't been more popular since the Brazilian steakhouses with exotic meats are the "thing." The area they are located in has some bars that affiliated with younger crowds, sometimes on the cheap side since paying off school loan debts, but they are usually adventurous and the restaurant itself is reasonably priced. They offer bottomless brunch which is HUGE for the D.C. crowds. The decor is not on the most dazzling side (sorry, just being honest). Bringing in a D.J. on Saturdays will draw more crowds- hopefully, not the pre-gaming kind who drinks their liquor bills at home rather than purchasing at the bars. I wonder if they are targeting a more sophisticated, hoity toity palette- maybe this would not be the location or they are lucky where they are located to get the crowd they do get? 


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