Spring Cocktails May Bring May Flowers


Forget the Easter Egg Hunts; we hunted the DMV area for the best Spring Cocktails. If the flowers are not blooming yet, the taste of spring may still be in the air.

  • Dandelion Wine. Besides Mount Vernon having a restaurant on premises, there is also an archive of libations recipes that are available for the public to utilize at home. Our favorite pick is the Dandelion Wine recipe. Containing orange, lemons and of course dandelions, it sounds completely delightful.
  • Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy. The summer shandy featured at the Yard House is deliciously spring- some feature the overtones of grapefruit as well as watermelon. If spring doesn't come in this bottle, I am not sure what does then. 
  • Raspberry Elderflower Mojito. What isn't a spring mojito without a taste of a flower in it? At Cyclone Anaya's in Mosaic District- there is a wide selection of pleasant mojitos as well as margaritas.
  • Lyndsay's Lavender. The name alone sounds delightful; this drink is served at Burton's Grill in Alexandria. This kitchen is "from scratch" made as you like it- with hearty fresh flavors.
  • Red-Zingria. This list wouldn't be complete without Sangria. Sangria is happiness in a glass. Our selection is the Zinburger Wine & Burger bar. Some genius came up with the plan to pair burgers with wine; this is must be what Heaven is like.

Ideas to Bring Spring Home

The following are great herbs to add to your lemonades, iced teas, or your spiked lemonades and Firefly Sweet Tea vodkas at home (if you are feeling sinful).

  • Lemon Balm. This has a fresh scent of lemon and a hint of mint- great for teas or custards.
  • Sweet Mint. Add mint to lemonade, with a hint of ginger, and you have a detox tea with another use besides tasting good.
  • Basil. Add a dash of lemon and basil to your iced tea, and you will have a vibrant tasting beverage to entertain your guests.
  • Cloves & Strawberries. Sounds like  a 1970s song, but cloves and strawberries are delicious added to a tea almost as much as lemongrass and blueberries taste good.


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