Crush: India Hicks

India was born in London and comes from both British and design royalty. Her father was famed interior decorator David Hicks, and her mother is Lady Pamela Hicks, whose father was the last viceroy of India, hence India's name. (So UK Daily Mail stories we read in the U.S. on aristocracy).

This exotic beauty founded her own company, after working in mainstream traditional retail, wanting to create a personal route when she launched her own brand. She had been quoted as saying, "I didn't want my product sitting cold on the shelves of a Bergdorf Goodman." She set out to have her collection of gifts, beauty and accessories to be sold through a network of entrepreneurial women to have a more personal, meaningful shopping experience. Hold up, this isn't your momma's direct selling pitch. I swear. There is way more offerings than the average catalogue, the women who are your liaison are a reflection of the designer as well as the page itself is a lifestyle. They are not just selling a product. They are telling a story. They are selling you a lifestyle. They are showing you a future memory.

These ambassadors- are trendy. And they understand each piece, designed by this designer royalty, was inspired by her British heritage, island life and daydreams. Let's face it- we love the European way of life- and these brand ambassadors bring it.

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