Besides the Hipster cliques and political environment, there are a lot going on in the D.C. area. You don't need a Buddy Holly glasses or to work on Capitol Hill to find your niche.

On DC Life & Style, we focus on our favorites. We take health and wellness as serious as short-cuts and quick fixes. Since the area is a unique juxtaposition of Southern generational locals and transient populations flocking to experience the cross-section of American civilization- there is  an assortment of culture and intelligence . As the epicenter of the Preppy Life sweeping social media- weekends are filled with sailing, entertaining, polo, good friends and good times. So come along on our journey- as we feature- the lifestyles, experiences, adventures, interests and intrigues of those who work, play and live in this exclusive area.




Quick Sips, Interesting Histories, Possible Mysteries & Adulting Diaries



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