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Southern East Coast Podcast- to talk, laugh and inspire while sipping over wine. Because at the end of the day, we all have a story and we are a work in progress- just some of us take pride in it (like me).  So come grab a glass of wine or a sparkling apple cider and get ready to fall in love or celebrate there is always someone out there messier than you. brings you this podcast- tales of inspiration or interesting topics; from true crime to history. Everyone has something that is their "jam" from cults, murder, history to Locked Up Abroad. You are sure to either feel better about your life or to have interesting dinner party conversation. This is the unscholarly podcast: we are not history professors nor part of the CSI team for forensic files! 

Sip and Shine Podcast


Military member (shhh...don't tell), self-admitted organized Hot Mess and a proud work in progress. She is a mom, a single woman and independent (sounds like a Beyonce song). She can bring home the bacon, fry it in a pan and never let you forget you are a man. Now, it's going corny. She enjoys the Ohio Marching Band youtube videos (without the football), history and has a lifelong list of experiences she can't wait to do. And if it is something that will go wrong, weird or crazy- it probably already happened to her.

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Sip and Shine Podcast

Format of Sip and Shine Podcast

We don't like interviews, they can be boring. We prefer to call them "Guest Co-hosts" because this is a conversational podcast. Sometimes Carrie talks more, sometimes the "guest" does; but it is two friends or more getting to know each other (whether the person wants to be friends or not). Sometimes we play drinking games because by then the wine kicks in (or the tequila on a rough day). Sober is acceptable too just like Family Game Night- let's just get down to having fun. Remember we are in the judgement free zone and laughs are welcome as well as deep dark secrets and shots.

Sip. Sparkle. Shine.

Our Wine & Shout-outs

  • Podcasts we find
  • Bloggers or books we like
  • A short-cut self-improvement tip (hey, instant gratification you know us by now)
  • Any local spots we are having drinks or dinner in the Washington, D.C. area- because we love the little guy
  • Or Just about anything else we like and want to share (just remember this is not audio pinterest- Carrie still can't figure out how to use it properly)


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Sparkle, Darling

A Serial Story of Old Hollywood