Oyster Hour at Copperwood Tavern

Forget Happy Hour, in the DC area- we do Oyster Hour. A farm to table restaurant- the Copperwood Tavern is one of the DC Life and Style's Favorite Restaurants (you may have heard them on our podcast).

Every Monday from 4-7 pm, oysters are only $1, give me that anyday over a wine or beer special. Located in Shirlington, not only do they offer an amazing selection of drinks, they also have a dog of the month club (who doesn't love a restaurant that loves dogs). The outdoor area is gorgeous and complete with firepits; perfect for the cute, scenic restaurants and shops scene.  And, the ingredients they use in their drinks are from local sources. Copperwood Tavern offers a rustic ambience, modern farm to table concept along with a friendly staff. And no, this is not paid advertisement. This is a "legit, we really like'em" endorsement! For more information, or if you don't believe us- look them up or try Copperwood Tavern for yourself.  It'll soon be one of your favorites too!


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