The Case of Jody LeCornu

A 23-year-old college student was murdered near Baltimore in 1996. A family was left behind- to wonder why and who. One particular woman is haunted probably more so- everytime she looks in the mirror, she sees the face of a dead woman. This woman is Jenny Carrieri, the twin of Jody LeCornu, who was savagely gunned down in a parking lot on a cold, snowy night. 

Joann E. "Jody" LeCornu was a 23-year-old Towson State University student studying geriatrics. She had three sisters and was the daughter of a Colonel in the USMC. Raised predominantly in the Annapolis region, she was a spitfire with a heart of gold. Maybe too trusting at times- which led this girl to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

What Happened

On Thursday in March 1996, she had a fight with her live-in boyfriend. That Friday morning before she went to work at a local bank, he told her not to come home. She finished her shift at work and went to her usual local hang-out. By all accounts, neighbors, co-workers, her boyfriend and family members all state her following actions completely conflict with the Jody that they knew. Jody was an anxious woman- she would ask co-workers to watch her walk to her car, she would ask her sisters to walk quickly to the car and she was scared of being shot or involved in violence. 

After the bar closed, the manager asked her to drive an employee home that could not drive. After dropping him off, she went to an ATM near the Caldor parking lot in Baltimore City. She picked up a six pack. From here, the timeline is vague. As she was sitting in the parking lot, from the time the bar closed at 2 am to this area around 3:40, she made a few phone calls. A gunman killed her while she was sitting in this parking lot, through her rear passenger window then apparently followed her in a BMW as she drove across the street to a Giant parking lot and died. At this point, the man watched, followed her and approached the car when it stopped, removed an item from the backseat and left the scene. Workers called the police after hearing gun shots at 3:41 am. 

Since the shooting took place in the Baltimore City, however, her death occurred across the street which placed it in the jurisdiction of Baltimore County. They dried up on leads pretty early in the case despite having fingerprints, video surveillance and eye witness accounts. As early as early as March 4, 1996, the Baltimore County investigators briefed the press they believed that it was a random robbery gone wrong - her purse was missing from the car.

Despite other reports of possible drug or police connections at the bar she frequented- Captain Uppercue was quoted as saying, "Will all the interviews we've done, we still haven't been able to determine why it she was down there. There's no indication of drugs, or anything like that. It's kind of curious why this guy followed her to Giant--we don't know why. We don't if she was meeting someone." 

Things To Consider

  • She made phone calls in the car while "waiting." At that point in time, cell phone technology was such that people utilized phone calls from pay phones and car phones with specific intensions. She made several calls- one to call back to bar she was at to reach the manager who was not available as well as to a housemates' boyfriend. She spoke with him for two minutes. Who else did she call? What did those calls consist of. 
  • Reports are that she had her car window rolled down- as if she was talking to someone. For someone who very vigiliant- why would she on a snowy night- have her window rolled down and by all accounts she wouldn't have spoke to a stranger. 
  • The shot was through the back of the seat, if it was a random attack, the gunman would have stuck the gun in her face, it would not have occurred on the angle that it did from behind. That is more likely to occur if there is a discussion with someone, or if they were trying to shoot the back of the window and yet missed.
  • An item was removed from the backseat- if it was cold and late, most women would not bother to open the backdoor and risk exposure to the elements and nefarious individuals. They would hurriedly move into the front seat. If her purse was moved to the backseat- was she expecting someone to get in the front seat? 
  • A white BMW was seen at the crime. One of Jody's acquaintances had a white Volvo. At 3:41, with the lighting could the two be mistaken? Cops immediately ruled out this suspect due to the person "not driving." Was it the case of a suspended license- because I know a few of those don't let it stop them.


                              1992 BMW

                              1992 BMW

  • Did the police force rush to judgement too quite? By 4 March, not even a full 48 hours they had released quotes to the press on the case- writing it off as random. 
  • When the car hit a curb when she drove across the road, it came to the stop. The man had watched the car circle come to the stop. When he approached the car, rather than immediately fleeing with the item he took from the car; he put the car in park. Despite the car already coming to a stop; this to me, indicates a sense of responsbility and familarility with the victim. 

So what are your thoughts on this case?

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