Halloween: Final Resting Places in the DMV Area

Sadly, death is a part of the life cycle. In the DMV area, besides notables such as presidents and political figure; there is also a wide range of soldiers from this nation's conflicts. As well as other individuals who deserve the respect and peace of their final resting place located here; during the Halloween time- there is an added fascination of these cemeteries.

  • Oak Hill Cemetery. 22 acres located in Washington D.C., besides a cemetery, it has manicured gardens making for a serene resting place. Ben Bradlee, Sojourner Truth and John Peter Van Ness are all buried here.

  • Mount Zion Cemetery. This historical resting place is described as, "illustrating the significant contributions of African Americans to development of Georgetown." 

  • Arlington Cemetery. 624 acres of graves from history conflicts, presidents and other notables. 

  • Contraband and Freedmen's Cemetery. Many escaped slaves found their way to Alexandria. During the 1860s, between disease and lack of medical knowledge, many of the refugees met an early demise. They were buried in this cemetery. 

  • Old Saint Paul's Cemetery. In Baltimore, this cemetery dates back to the 1700s, prior to that in another location from the 1600s. Notables include the commander of Fort McHenry at the Battle of Baltimore from the War of 1812 to a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

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