Autumn Adventures: Hidden Memorials in the DMV

Memorials in DC

When tourists come to the Washington D.C. area- they hit the "big ones" literally. Some of these include: The Lincoln Memorial, Washington, World War 2 and for a few adventurous ones, the Jefferson Memorial. There is the top five of the "hidden" or little known memorials and/or statues that are not as prominent for the pilgrimages of the sightseers.

  • Albert Einstein MemorialThe map at the foot of Einstein shows 2,700 stars and their positions at noon on the day it was dedicated. 
  • John Paul Jones MemorialPotomac Park's first monument is a tribute to the Revolutionary War hero.
  • WWI Memorial. It is a quiet memorial, but once was a bandstand for an outdoor band. It was able to hold up to 80 band members.
  • The Women's Titanic Memorial. This memorial was dedicated to the men who gave up their lives in the lifeboats so that women and children could be saved during the RMS Titanic disaster.
  • The Spirit of FreedomMemorial lists 209,145 soldiers who served in the US Colored Troops regiments during the Civil War.

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