Autumn Adventures: The Masons In the DMV

The U.S is built on a number of Mason leaders from the founding fathers to a number of Presidents that took office. It is no surprise then that Washington is filled with a number of Masonic landmarks. What exactly is the Masonic Order and where can you go to take in some of this history?

Masonic Order

Masons date back well into the 1400's when they first started making an appearance in Britain. You may be somewhat informed by them from “The Da Vinci Code” or “National Treasures”. The Masons represent a free thinking group of individuals that encourage religious tolerance. Some notable Freemasons include: George Washington, Ben Franklin, J. Edgar Hoover and even John Wayne to name a few. Most believe the cathedral, stone laying, freethinkers have a darker side and insists there are a number of symbols scattered around the D.C area that leads to a conspiracy theory.

Top Masonic Landmarks In Washington D.C

The House of the Temple

Located at 1733 16th street in the DuPont Circle neighborhood is a Masonic Temple that serves as the headquarters to the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction. The House of the Temple is a renowned architectural building that was designed by John Russell Pope and began construction in 1911. The design is inspired by the tomb of King Mausolus in Halicarnassus, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.


 George Washington Masonic National Memorial

Located in Alexandria VA near King Street metro station is where you will find this towering building. The building is said to stand 333 feet tall and houses an Egyptian-esque shrine to Washington while also displaying a number of Freemason artifacts and paintings.


Masonic Temple Building-

The Masonic Temple building is located at 801 13th street, NW in Washington DC. The temple is a renaissance revival style and is on the the National Register of Historic Places list. The construction of the building began in in the late 1800's designed by architect Waddy B. Wood and was completed in 1903.


 Almas Temple-

The Almas Temple was relocated to its current spot facing Franklin Square in Washington DC, 1315 K street NW. Construction began in 1929 on this five story building and was designed by Allen H. Potts. It was originally located closer to 13th street until it was relocated in 1987, it was reconstructed piece by piece. Quite impressive when you consider the Temple is one of the few remaining mosaic construction in the DC area.


 Prince Hall Masonic Temple-

Located at 1000 U Street, NW in the D.C area this Masonic temple began construction in 1922. It took seven years to complete this design by Albert Cassell and serves as the MWPG M Roland D, William Center for Masonic Excellence. Cassell is noted to have designed a number of the Washington D.C area church and religious buildings throughout the 1900's.

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