Autumn in Georgetown: The WaterGate Scandals


There is not a person who probably has not heard of the Watergate scandal but many people have no idea what it pertains to...

The Watergate Scandal was a major political scandal that occurred in the 1970s in the United States. What began as a breaking and entering investigation at the Democratic National Committee Headquarters located in Washington, D.C. quickly became a cover-up investigation that would result in the resignation of President Nixon from office.

The Watergate Scandal revealed a number of illegal activities President Nixon was using through his terms in office. Most of these activities revolved around bugging incidents where Nixon was recording conversations that were taking place in opponents' offices as well as tape recording in his own office. The connection between the break in at the Democratic National Committee Headquarters was because of the cash that was found on those suspects taken in for burglary. The money was connected to an official organization for Nixon's campaign. Nixon ended up submitting his resignation to the Presidency in 1974 because impeachment was inevitable.

Places You Can Visit Today That Are Connected

To The Watergate Scandal 

The Watergate Scandal was one that lead to a number of secret meetings and various cover-up attempts. The most significant locations that played an important part to the unfolding of the Watergate Scandal are still around today. Here are the top place you can visit to get a little bit more of the experience from the Watergate Scandal History: 

  • The Watergate ComplexThe Watergate complex had just been completed when the Watergate Scandal first began. It opened in 1971 and was designed by an Italian architecture firm. Although the building still stands, various parts of the building have been purchased and it is slowly being refurbished. 

  • The Rosslyn Parking Lot. The meeting place where the legendary 'Deep Throat' and reporter Bob Woodward and FBI agent Mark Felt still stands today. The secluded parking lot played a significant role in getting details about the scandal and is marked with a plaque to show tribute the role this secret meeting place had in the Watergate Scandal. The Rosalyn Parking Lot can be found on North Nash Street in Rosslyn, the exact spot where most of the meeting took place was at spot 32D.

  • The Webster House. Unit 617 was the bedroom apartment where reporter Bob Woodward spent his nights during the investigation of the Watergate scandal. It is located in Dupont Circle and the balcony is where FBI agent would signal Woodward to meet with him. The Webster House is located at 1718 P Street NW.

  • The Washington Post Office. Reporter Bob Woodward worked for The Post newspaper and the headquarters is still located at 15th Street NW. You can see the building where Woodward and colleague Carl Bernstein first began their investigation of the Watergate scandal allegations. 

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