Fashion For the Fall

Did I Mention How Much I Love The Fall? One of the things about fall, I love is the excuse to wear flats and plaid. This week's Hip List reflects some fall fashion fun (yes, that was on purpose). 

Crystal Beach Co. Despite the name beach, I always associate the fall with going to see psychics and new beginnings. They don't sponsor us. Promise. We just love the idea of this shop (and jewelry). As they describe themselves: Two college kids selling beautiful jewelry...and best part they donate 10% of each purchase to the charity of YOUR choosing. 

Flat Out Heels. Love these shoes! Made by a woman who created them after spending 6 hours in heels, she made a pair of flats that can roll up in your bag for when the heels kill. 

Tee Party Angel. Find this Sassy Girl on Twitter @teepartyangel but what we really like is her T-shirt designs on Zazzle- clean, fresh and sassy (like the designer). With such designs as "I speak fluent French Fries, Russian Vodka and German Chocolate Cake." 

One more thing- that is not actually fashion but should be. My absolute favorite stationary but Love Layla Designs is like a dirty Papyrus store. Where else can you get a graduation card that says: "Congratulations on finally getting a tassel on something other than your nipple." 


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