Inhibitif : My Mission To Be A Naked Mole Rat

I love a quick fix, drive through solution...six weeks? Give it to me in six days. Six minutes if you can. Doing something to save money- even better. 

I read about the product inhibitif in a UK publication (hint, I call it my bible)- it was this product that promised to remove hair as well as hair laser removal...and it was all outside my reach since it was sold in Europe. It went so far as to say it had been sold in New York, but the mysterious powers-to-be removed it from the shelves since it would revolutionize the hair removal industry costing thousands to businesses as well as the living social notifications to disappear on our smartphones of lasers promising to make us naked mole rats.

I contacted several companies in the UK to see if they would ship no avail. Silly American. I then looked to Ebay and saw the same product that normally would cost $12 (American money from Euro conversion) for $200. Alas, I could not see myself spending that for a quick solution but costly. Then while milling about Amazon one day, I realized that it was being sold on there without the drastic mark-up.

I promptly ordered the highly-concentrated serum and the deodorant. I would do a two for one- to thin out the leg hair on my prickly (spider legs I have been by an ex) and my underarms. It seems I have to shave daily anyways in the summer- so any results is good results. Thinking anything French- French sounding, French engineered, French Fries- is better than what we have (remember all the skinny bitches diet pre-Bethenny or something like that); I promptly applied twice daily. 

Directions indicated "to apply evenly on shaved or waxed body areas twice per day for two months or until body hair is nearly invisible. Reduce application to once every other day to maintain results." I am not going to lie, I did fall off after the initial honeymoon period wore off (it took at least a couple of weeks- which the ADHD was doing better most days for me to stick to the routine). It did not burn or sting (maybe a little smelly and a little stinky on the underarms). 

And nothing. Just as disappointing as reheated take-out food. However, I am getting back on the proverbial saddle. Because, there is still a lot left (bonus) and don't we just want hope to be sold to us at times? I bought some hope in a bottle. And maybe, just maybe, it I look really hard and if I wish my body cells to cooperate enough, I may see some results. A smidge or a strand. But it was worth it. 

Hair Removal
Everybody Else Can Kiss My Ass by Sunny                                                            Sweeney

Everybody Else Can Kiss My Ass by Sunny                                                            Sweeney

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