Jeff Lewis Talks Heather Dubrow and It Is Not What You Think

If you never cared for the long-running Jeff Lewis' Flipping Out on Bravo, you have to tune into Heather McDonald's recent installment of Juicy Scoop Podcast by Wondery. 

I never was a big fan of Jeff Lewis. I am not going to lie. He was snarky and bossy and dramatic, but after hearing this episode of two old friends conversing over coffee or Chardonnay (knowing Ms. McDonald). I can see why he attracts celebrity friends- you hear the softness of talking of his long-term partner, his friendships and his upcoming baby news. 

I am not sure if the change of Jeff Lewis is due to becoming a father- or the recent public career setbacks (which he talks about in this podcast)-  but whatever it was, please stay Jeff. Don't send the old Jeff back- and good for you to stand-up to Miss Fancy Pants. God love her, but she can take an occasional criticism of not being perfect or at least a joke

“Who cares if she is my least favorite?”

In his episode with Heather McDonald, he opens up about the process of selecting an egg donor in California. Apparently, there are two tiers of designer eggs- one is the discount pricing of $6,000-$10,000 and the other is $15,000-$25,000. The VIP eggs of course in the land of Luxury and keeping up with the Lewis' intrigues the buyers. However, in this case of divine intervention, Jeff Lewis was able to meet his potential baby egg donor and verify her looks and vaguely education.

As he waxes almost poetically, and oh so sweetly (not sarcasm), you see a vulnerable side of him as he speaks about still being into his partner, being the less strict parent and wanting to be a Happy Daddy. He also speaks of godparents and baby nurses. Ultimately he does not want to raise a spoiled child.

The Tweet Around The World

So Heather McDonald addresses the elephant in the room- she saddled it up and rode it to ask Jeff Lewis about the infamous recent social media war concerning  Heather Dubrow. Jeff, in a quiet, calm, respectful, non-arrogant way (can I say enough compliments)- reveals that his comments on Watch What Happens Live was not premeditated in any way. "I am not going to lose sleep," over when someone doesn't like me he states. He is quite aware that not everyone is going to like you. 

heather mcdonald jeff lewis

"Who cares if she is my least favorite?" Jeff went on to explain it is not that I didn't not like her, just I was asked who my least favorite was, and compared to everyone else she was my least. "I just like these other ones better," he says. After the appearance, she tweeted "asshole." At first Lewis thought she was drinking- because it seemed so out of character. His only public response was, "classy." 

This tweet went on to incur the wrath of the Dubrows who claimed Jeff face and body shamed. Jeff went on to explain that he actually thought she was very attractive- and her only problem was that she needed to lighten up, drink more. Let Mr. Dubrow tell a joke. The designer did go on and say that he felt she was edited and controlled in real life and maybe they got off on the wrong foot months earlier over the dinner. He had thought at the time it was fine- but she was rude to the waiter in his eyes.

Heather McDonald, who is friends with Ms.Dubrow attempted feebly to defend her friend, saying maybe the offense taken was when she looked back to that dinner. Being rude to the staff- is a very deep offense, which I am glad to hear.

To listen to the full contents of the interview, including more of Heather's comment on the Other Heather as well as Jeff's advice to Kelly Dodd, click here.

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