Kelly Dodd: Did Heather McDonald have a clue of what was coming?

Kelly Dodd appeared on Heather McDonald's Juicy Scoop episode prior to the airing of "That" Episode. Did McDonald, who is everyone's Girlfriend including, Real Housewives, dug in on her Podcast to find out more about Dodd...and is she any more likeable off camera?

Credit and some patience needs to be given for any new housewife- granted they choose to have their lives filmed- but does any of them know what they are getting into? Do any of them know how intensive having cameras 24/7 on you will be like as well as how well you are going to play out on the editing room floor. However, on the other hand, how much leeway can be given for just plain crazy or is it the pressure and frustration building up of filming? 

Kelly Dodd, who may be next in line to be besties with Brandi Glanville, and is the only other woman to polarize the franchises as the statuesque model does. Heather McDonald invited Kelly Dodd to appear on her podcast on 11 August, and she peeled back the stories on her tumultuous past with her husband and ex-fiance. 

Her soon to be ex-husband did not want their daughter to be featured. Second time around, he consented, even though he knew it was going to be a circus and all their dirty laundry was going to be strung up and paraded on a flagpole on the front lawn.

Refreshingly, Kelly Dodd does not fit the mold of a typical archetype of the Housewives- she had a career and properties prior to meeting her second husband (and current husband). I am not going to trash her ups and downs with her husband- to be honest, if you have been married for any length of time- fact is you wake up times and hate your spouse. If you haven't after ten years of marriage- then you didn't procreate with them, you aren't being honest with yourself or your husband travels for work. During the time of a separation, she had met another separated man who had an ex-wife who was protective of her son that Dodd was staying in contact of. Granted the restraining order didn't come through, but who wants another woman keeping in touch with their "mature" as she describes it 6th or 7th grader telling him the dating business with the Dad (domestic allegations amongst others). Hey we make poor choices in life and we are all hot messes, but don't need to drag the kids into it. Let them discover being a walking disaster on their own. After this experience, she reconciled with her husband who was still commuting back and forth from San Francisco. 

Surprisingly, the viewers were going to have some Dodd-ism back a few years ago prior to Meghan King Edmonds- she was replaced by Lydia and fairy dust. At the time, her soon to be ex-husband did not want their daughter to be featured. Second time around, he consented, even though he knew it was going to be a circus and all their dirty laundry was going to be strung up and paraded on a flagpole on the front lawn. 

Heather, as every woman's girlfriend, asks the hard questions that we want to know. Kelly Dodd dishes on her cosmetic tweaking (lips natural but cheeks are fillers now) because I am sure you were wondering. McDonald calls her out on not being that funny- she actually eludes to her humor being Asperger or turrets. She asks her point blank does she suffer from any social disorders. And hey- with the dynamics of the family- was Kelly trying to set up a Beverly Hillbillies remake with her family living with them?

They talk about the 70s party- how prior to the party, weeks prior one of the housewives party imposters who were there to spring on Dodd- had texted her. Dodd was surprised on how she knew that she was on the show. Then the night of the party- there was already trouble brewing with reminiscent scene writing from Shakespeare's Macbeth and the Three Witches. The "fog and filthy" was definitely in the air. Kelly Dodd talks about how she misdirected her anger involving Jackie's comment about seeing her with another man in front of her husband- set the night up like a t-ball stand. 

Kelly Dodd and the 70's Party

In an obvious attempt to get on Real Housewives, the three witches I mean Shannon, Nina and Jackie, bereft of their cauldron wait to spring on Kelly Dodd as this was their big chance to get on Real Housewives of Orange County. Kelly Dodd indicates she never met Nina in her life before this evening. She explains some of her outburst comments at the 70's party- sorry guys, I can't spill on what she clarified and to be honest I don't always understand when Kelly tries to explain things. We have to take the long way to the point. 

Did Kelly accuse Shannon of being racist when commenting on her 70's Pocahontas outfit? Sneak peek on season- no more costume parties- I know you will be disappointed but you still have to look forward to Shannon's Ireland outfits. Kelly acknowledges she looks like a lunatic and will only get worst- understatement or disillusionment of the year? Nina and Jackie also ran after her at the 70's party- which the camera did not show- will that be in an after season special that Andy Cohen will tease us with?

To find out more of what occurred that night, behind the scenes and what Kelly Dodd thinks about the Real Housewives (and remember blogs are edits and interviews are more candid)...check out Heather McDonald's Juicy Scoop

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