Parenting Stuff (but even if Some of It Is Good for Adults Too)

So this week I discovered Hickies! Oh my gosh, I stole a pair from my daughter. We fight over the Adidas neon sneakers I put them in- they do not require laces in the sneakers. Okay, I get it, it is a lazy parenting fail- but now when I see sneakers without them I think that the laces look so messy! 

I also discovered some really cool Aveda roll-on aromatherapy (again I am the short cut self-improvement princess). I really dig these because they have different themes like "Concentration" which help with my serious case of A.D.D. They have great ones for stress-fix but I actually use aromatherapy a lot with my little one who has been suffering from a lot of anxiety.

My last pick for the Hip List this week- usually I like local companies but this posting is really for Kid Stuff that adults can use too- so sorry my locals or on-line hustlers. So at Michaels, they have a great line of organizers with inserts you can select. Some of the inserts are everything from "Fitness," "Inspiration," to "Assignments." You can't fit more than five at a time inside the calendar- however, my ten year old is hooked. I got a planner, not to manage my many lists of multi-tasks, but I actually am writing down the blessings I notice every day. Because I am noticing the more I am looking for, the more I am finding them. 

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