Paying for Hope

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So been some tough times lately so I went to a psychic- because it is cheaper than therapy and is instant gratification. On the other hand, I could have gone to Church- but they are stingy with the wine and heavy on the guilt.

I went to a local psychic I found on yelp- with amazing reviews. Who knew I could get a taco and my future told on the app? She was listed as one of the top fifty psychics in the country according to a self-published (I don't know of) list. 

On the way out, a curb got in my way and I fell flat on my face.

I went in there with high hopes because I wanted to just hear that everything was going to be okay. Okay with my son. Okay with my side hustle or passion, because there isn't any money making hustle about it. My "real" job. Hey, maybe throw in a hot Texan riding in on a horse. Lie to me with some hope. I am paying for you to lie to me.

Instead, I was told to write some affirmations- got them. Make a list. Oh, lady, I got lists for my lists. And oh, I have a lot of irons in the fire- to not have any emotional attachments to any of it- something eventually work out. Buy a barbie doll for my inner child, and oh, get over the hurt from the past. I contemplated getting an American Girl Doll- but I think that was a little expensive of a homework assignment. But I love the idea they have salons to take the doll too- get my greys covered and her hair braided at the same time. 

Sounds like a reading for any of my friends who are in their late 30s- we all have a ton of stuff going on. We all have some baggage from the past- be it relationships or daddy issues. And thanks- I will share the Barbies with my daughters- because my favorite was Astronaut Barbie and they don't make her anymore. Although, her silver boots were to die for.

On the way out, a curb got in my way and I fell flat on my face. My inner child reminded me she was still there- because the subsequent rip in my jeans caused my knee to be skinned 1987 style. So of course, I had to find comfort in Sangria and tapas across the street- which provided just as much solace as the psychic did; only tastier and cheaper.

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