Mom Blogging This is Not- and what is that?

So Sh*t got real in my world- and fast with school starting. I swear this isn't a mommy blog, I am just talking about what is going on in my life now- you can look at it as parenting or why I drink wine. Besides doing a Bio-Statistics class for my Masters- which makes me feel completely inept because when I was in school before the only time we were in front a computer screen (or word processor) was for typing classes. Which apparently, those too are outdated and old-fashioned. Kids are born learning to type. What a great way our genetic makeup is evolving.

So I unplugged for a few days- and totally feel like I failed my partner in crime or the chick that encourages my abnormal fascination with all things taboo and reality housewives obsessions. I unplugged for a few days and caught up on the stripper cat's eviction (sterilized everything), prepared my offspring for returning to school (their dad is leaving for five weeks so I feel like I have to fit everything in like a 19 year on spring break- only this time instead of dudes & drinks, it is cleaning & wine) and fit in a few social occasions.

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Firstly, I need to give this Chick a big High Five and not to the face. I went to a happy hour trap through and it turned out to be a lady's 40th Birthday Party. At first, I thought she was Sharisse from Real Housewives of Atlanta- but with a pink feather boa, a prepared party and way no shame in socializing. We were the youngest people in the bar. Well-played. Well-played. I did get hit on by two guys- one who was trying to help preserve his girlfriend's virginity (apparently I am a Mrs. Robinson) and another one who was obsessed with the 80s and asked me how I felt about dressing up in She-Ra Costumes and Jem & the Holograms. I did draw my limits on Rainbow Brite- that is a little creepy.

Rest of the weekend I juggled a lovely bonfire with some awesome people (one whose cousin produced Jo's single from the first season of Real Housewives of Orange County- oh yes, she is so proud that is the only achievement she is known for amongst her incredible resume). One of the guests saw some ghosts on the property- and I was so about it. I hope I get her to come on the podcast- oh yes, I love sharing this fascination with the world.

I started watching Bachelor in Paradise- only because of Kate Casey's Love and Knuckles. I could read her recaps in book form and never see the shows she writes about. She is that good. However, I don't get Bachelor in Paradise. I don't- maybe it is generational. But I am like are they paying these people? There is the creepy I love you guy- that every girl has gone out with online- that borders on restraining orders. Then there is the guy from Famously Single- who went from picky to shacking up with a single mom (love the 180) but watching him eat pizza and suck face after his girl was swept away with an erectile dysfunction specialist- I am like this has got to be scripted (besides this is a run-on sentence). 

Sip and Shine Podcast

Alas, this is the parenting part you can totally skip. I am totally just talking about the angst of my weekend because misery loves company. So in preparation for school with three children- that I swear is now special needs with anxiety. Seriously! In my day anxiety was suck it up and go to school. Now, I am dealing with three children with different needs and fears. Kiernan starts a new school- which he hasn't attended school in a year (long hospital stays). Makenna- our sweet Irish Rose bottles everything up and is very sensitive so we have to make sure we check in with her and not assume good behavior means everything is okay. And then Baleigh- our firecracker- has been acting up as late with not wanting to go places and quick to anger. She has confided low self-esteem due to her body type (and since when did 8 year old girls have body image issues- besides the fact they make clothing so small), nervousness with other kids,  their acceptance and the frustration of not feeling on the same level with other children academically. A lot of heavy stuff for an eight year old. So this weekend I made an effort to spend individual time with each child- from fishing to lake life to seeing Kobu and The Two Strings (I think that is spelled right- a beetle and a monkey was the best part of that movie). 

For returning to school, I drafted up ideas for their parenting plan. Their dad, who is my ex, and I agree on a parenting plan each year. We come up with goals for each child for Mental, Emotional and Physical- and a plan to make it happen. Can you tell we are both military? We draw the line at doing appraisals. I swear. Maybe. 

I prepped anxiety/belly ache/mindfulness bags for each kids' book bags- depending on how they identified their feelings. These little bags have cute stress balls, ginger mints from Trader Joe's (helps with anxiety bellies), scented oil roll-ons (has lavender in it), Tangle Jr Fidget Toy, Visualization/Relaxation Card, a Blue Lace Agate Crystal (not taking any chances) and visualization card. Sometimes I find, after trying this with Baleigh, she just feels empowered to have a "tool box" to help herself. Her bag- I included a Wonder Woman card- because what would Wonder Woman do?

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