Dating As A Single Parent Feels Like Being A Teenager All Over Again

Dating as a single parent feels like what it was to be a teenager all over again. Crazy right?

Post-divorce there are new dating rules and stages than when you were dating in 1994. Replace the phone on the wall they had to call with a smartphone and the art of deciphering texts. Forget meeting at a bar, you are getting interviewed and Amazon shopped online.

Guess what- in high school, if you are a woman- you probably had a few guys vying for your hand. Nowadays, men have become the quarterback-captain of the football on the home team- a decent divorced guy is a unicorn. Women are expected to have tight little bodies and good jobs, while Mr. Balding, overweight, broke guy is having his pick of women.

Dating younger. Get it girl. For a lot of women- they are worried what will people think. Get that freshman- we aren't 16 and 19- you won't have to drive and pick him up. Unless maybe in the city or if his wife got his car in the divorce.

The ex-spouse has become the "Parents." Will she know now or later about you? Will Mom try to break the two of you up? Is she the crazy, drunk Mom with the bathrobe and curlers and constantly calling your boyfriend- needing help at home? Are they close or "too close" and he is a Momma turned Ex-Wife boy? 

In teenage hood, we worry about coolness factor- and guess what this comes back in a way- I can be a mess but He can't.

Post-divorce people are more cautious about looking before they leap. Guess what a new job offer or kids will probably come first just as the high school boyfriend goes off to college.

Mr. Balding, overweight, broke guy is having his pick of women.

As a post-divorce dater, as in high school- life is busy- sports, work, homework is still going on- but this time it is for your kids and you are playing taxi or benchwarmer. Now you have to sync with a potential's Every Other Weekend, on determining compatibility. 

And lastly, that first break-up post-divorce kills you. It is grieving. It rolls your marriage and divorce and disappointment and loss of the first boyfriend all in one. And guess what, just like high school it gets better after the first boyfriend. So chin up buttercup.

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