Cabi with Svetlana

Have you heard of Cabi? If not, then get ready for a treat because Cabi is a gorgeous designer clothing line with a very distinctive style you won't find in any stores.

What I love about this brand- it is such a fun way to get with the girls- because it is only shown through home trunk shows and by private appointment. So women can shop with their friends in the comfort of their own homes and with the help of a trained stylist to build a custom wardrobe full of clothes that makes them feel beautiful. The Cabi shopping experience is fun, social and sophisticated. You get to play dress-up over wine or sparkling cidar with your girlfriends!!

And more importantly, Cabi clothing is unique, with quality and style that appeal to women of all ages and style expressions. A brand new collection comes out every 6 months (Fall and Spring seasons) so there is always something new to see and try (wine glass in hand, of course).

My fellow Lady Boss friend, Svetlana (she is as cute as her name says), is a Cabi stylist so I've seen this Fall's Collection. I already picked my favorites for Christmas presents for my Wishlist. Whatever your reason- preparing outfits for a special occasion or vacation, getting a first-hand look at the season's new trends, getting the advice you need on fit and style from a trained fashion constultant over a glass of wine, or simply finding that amazing pair of jeans without having to hit the mall, you seriously have to check this out! You can shop online too! What I love about it, we may not be the Real Housewives and get private shoppers- but this is as close as it gets. So schedule your next sip and dress-up party! 

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