A Millennial's Story by Jessica

Launched in May 2016, with a goal to simply share a perspective on everything lifestyle and career as told by a Millennial, Jessica Carmona has launched a blog and subsequent product line to illustrate this creative vision.


Why? Because Millennials are unique and bring so many innovative ideas in so many that create new avenues for tomorrow's way of living. Most importantly, they are trendsetters and are shaping today's workplace culture, fashion style and everything in between. A Millennial's Story, started by Carmona, shares motivational stores that inspire to achieve more, tips on health and fitness and cover all the careeer obstacles that today's generation encounter.

Recently, the founder decided to embrace her passion for color and style by expanding her passion for home decor. Jessica Carmona was inspired by her grandmother who often gifted her with hand-made pillows and quilts for the holidays, her line of design was born.

Millenial Story creates custom-made decorative pillows for any space in your home, a special occasion and even for the lounge in the workplace. All made in the U.S.A. with 100% cotton fabrics and a premium polyester filling, this product line has seasonal fabrics you will not find at your local Homegoods or Target. Truly, local artisan work- those are the best gifts and stories for the home.

Sample from The Blog

How many times have we wished to be in a different place, in a different time or be a different person? 

For me, plenty of times.


I, for the longest, always wanted to get ahead of life and ahead of myself. Always wanted to know what kind of person I would become in the next five or even ten years. I wanted cheat sheets to success and wanted to get there fast. I always asked myself, will I be happy and satisfied? Would I have regrets? Would I be with that special someone?

Wishing on the future is ambitious but it's not living. We seek to learn more about the unknown because it fills our levels of curiosity and it feels good; for a while. We love the feeling of being thrilled and hoping to be surprised and constantly ask ourselves, what if? Could it work? To Finish Reading...

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