Alethea and Polyamory Relationships


This episode was unreleased from Wine and Shout Podcast with a special guest named Alethea (you will hear a few seconds cut out when her "real name") is revealed.

She explains the new blog she has started and to help us understand some of the misconceptions that others have around what it means to have an open relationship. This interview may just blow your mind- figuratively not literally.

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I would consider myself a very fluid person when it comes to relationship types, so I am can speak to both monogamous and polyamorous concerns. I'm a relationship blogger, researcher, and freelance writer. I'm working on a book about communicating in relationships with people who have either mental health concerns or who are not neurotypical or just happen to check all of the boxes in one of those categories (whether they seem to notice it or not). It isn't meant to be a very research heavy book, rather a very practical one. 

I'm completely heart led. This is apparent in what I write and all I do. It continues to lead me down a strange twisty path, but I have never been happier than I am right now giving myself over to it fully. 

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