Get Your Friends and Family Out In The Winter

Let's be real- it can take a crane in cold weather to get people to leave their houses. We collected a list of winter friendly activities to get people together- without too much complaining.

So many people hate leaving the warmth of their own home to walk around in the cold, windy weather especially from January on- the dazzle and magic of Christmas is over- and now the hibernation starts. 

So bring home to them. Entertain at home, if wanting an outdoor floor- fire pits and fire heaters (you know at restaurants, in the winter cost $130 at Home Depot- and you look like a boss having one). Showing an outdoor movie on a projection screen complete with hot cocoa (with or without the added kahlua) .  

Another great idea, that is not utilized enough in the Washington, D.C. area, is host a professional wine tasting, direct home sales such as Cabi or go for a little naughty and do a Passion Party. Some of these events are encouraged to be co-ed and others can be women only. Many local artisans are also offering wine and paint parties or craft parties to your home. Nothing breaks the ice more than an activity to bring everyone together.

I like to plan parties around an event. For instance, the Botantical Gardens is free- and I will put together swag bags for the guests (laying on the guilt as "I have something for you"- further encourages people not to cancel). However, when planning a group outing such as this- always take into parking and public transportation- no one wants to be cold and it can discourage people from coming. 

Lastly, one of the best ways to get people to come out- is have a cooking party! Get a friend who specializes in making sushi, bake together, or hire a private caterer to show you how to make a dish- really what it is everyone chatting and drinking wine and probably less learning. However, people love to transfer their "home" experience to your house- rather than treading through slushy puddles and wind whipped faces to the warmth and glow of your home (and heat).

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