Knock-Off Skin Care From A Non Expert

I have not a clue about skincare no matter how many different products I have tried and dermatologists I have gone to and slept with. All I know is that within the last two years I went from relatively clear skin with an occasional blemish in T-Zone outbreaks to cheek hormonal break outs. 

What the hell? I thought all that was done in the teenage years. This is one of the things don't tell you when you get your period- childbirth hurts and you will always fight skin problems and mean girls forever. These are some basics I figured out, if you can't afford or run out of Rodan and Fields:

  • Face wash containing benzoyl peroxide
  • Some sort of exfoliating once a week at least (turn over that skin)
  • Toner. I know! I am such an anti-toner kind of chick- I am like what the heck do I need this for- because I am all about lazy maintenance. But it does work. 
  • Vitamin containing Biotin, Vitamin A and E. **Best thing I ever did was buy these- I know! I never used a vitamin and actually saw results, other than placebo effect. 
  • Esoterica Fade Cream. I have spent so much money on scar and fade creams. This is the one that worked the best for me (besides prescriptions and expensive mail order skin care products). A gorgeous Caribbean Island Princess told me about this- she looks 35 and is 58. I could kiss her feet for this one- or the attendant at Walgreens who stocks it.
  • I am going to say Water. I hate water. Somehow it is the magical elixir for fixing everything- I have also found Whiskey does that too. And self-love too. I don't know how fish swim in it all the time. I am finally starting to write down water consumption to reward myself with other things I actually want to drink. 
  • Oilatum Cream. Read about this in my bible, the UK Daily Mail. I get it on Amazon from the UK (usually $7.99), gives me the softest skin evvvver with no scent or heaviness. FYI ladies, a lot of the smelly scented creams that I oh so love, actually dry you out because of the alcohol content to make it smell nice. 
Non Expert Skin Care

Another great resource for checking on products- and how to find them at the drugstore- is Total Beauty. This site makes lists of products with reviews and ratings of people who have tried them. I have a lot of drug store treasures. If only Catherine Walters, the famous Victorian era Courtesan had access to a CVS rather than relying on taking arsenic for good skin.

To Take a peak at these products (again a shortcut from having to google it yourself):

                   Takin' Pills by Pistol Annies

                   Takin' Pills by Pistol Annies

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