Old Town Alexandria: Building A Crystal Garden

There is a little shop on one's walking travels called Olde Towne Gemstones in Alexandria down by the riverfront. Owned since 1975, the owner carries crystals, minerals and fossil specimens from around the world. Not only is this shop literally a treasure trove- the owner is an encyclopedia of local lore and a fixture in the community. 

I decided to make a crystal garden when I had pockets of crystals and minerals- trying to decide what to do with them. What woman goes to a crystal and mineral shop and sees shiny objects and not fancies them? Furthermore, I wasn't taking any changes with the suppose properties of the rocks; because- who doesn't need some energy around the house? 

A crystal garden is usually a glass enclosed, or open air, garden that can be placed anywhere in your home. It can have moss or living plants, or plastic ones for those that are scared of having another living thing in your home.

What woman goest to a crystal and mineral shop and sees shiny objects and not fancy them? 

We used a variety of quartz in this garden. It is called a power stone, even though it is one of the most common type of minerals. It channels energy and can balance an environment. We picked ours to dispel negative energy. In our garden, we also used Rose Quartz, which is the pinkish quartz to help with love. In this garden, we added some Amethyst. Purplish in color, it is soothing in nature, but also passion and creativity. It is a crystal of temperance. There is a large deposit of calcite from Mexico.

Even if you do not believe in the healing properties of crystals, although I would rather be safe than sorry, these gardens are a fun and aesthetically appealing addition to any house. Some other crystals you can add with their properties.

  • Citrine- cleanser and regenerator
  • Green Calcite- mental healer
  • Blue Quartz- reach out to others
  • Mica- stimulates awareness of the higher self
  • Moonstone- new beginnings
  • Magnesite- peace and meditation
  • Jasper- supreme nurturer


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