DMV By 9: Top 5 DMV Things Kids Like To Do

Besides adult playtime, the Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia area is family friendly. In DMV by 9, see the DMV region through the eyes of a 9 year old. 

Note: "This is not a fake. This is actually written by a kid."

1. Fairfax Corner is a wonderful place to take your kids. You can find a variety of places to go. In the summer, you can run through the sprinklers. In the winter, you can get wonderful, warm hot chocolate. In the fall, (and any other season you desire) you can go to the pottery place and make beautiful pottery. In the Spring, you can play around in the grass and use the giant chessboard. You can also do much more around the year. More Information

2. The Memorials in Washington D.C. (District of Columbia) are very nice, enjoyable, educational and fun for everybody. The architecture (mostly the pillars) are based off the Roman's pillars. The Botanics Gardens do a wonderful thing with the memorials during the holiday season. They make them out of acorns, tree bark, moss and other natural resources. There is also the Lincoln Memorial too. The Lincoln Memorial is also an educational and fun place to go. From the Lincoln Memorial, you have an amazing view of the Washington Memorial. Sometimes, and almost always, you must be feeling pretty small! Did you know that the Washington Memorial is also a light house? There is also a lookout point there. More Information

3. The National Harbor is a wonderful place to go. There is a Peep Store which is most enjoyable. You can get Peep merchandise, which is most enjoyable. You can get Peep Merchandise, as well we, peep marshmallows. When you go to the Peeps Store, there's more than just marshmallows- there is lollypops too and other amazing candies! Let's travel to a next door neighbor's Potbelly's. Make sure to stop here too! It has a great view of the beautiful ocean (Potomac River). If you get to this amazing spot during the holidays, they have holiday trivia. If you get a seat close to the window, search for it. Let's travel outside. There's a beautiful grass lawn, a little fire pit and chairs by the fire to tell stories. There's a big screen if you want to watch sports with your friends. On the grass lawn, you can play soccer with your family, do some cartwheels and more. There is also a wonderful ice cream shore there too. There is a "body" playground near the lawn. Several body parts are sticking out from the sand. One of these act as a slide! More Information

4. The Baltimore Aquarium is most enjoyable! Very fun indeed. So many sea creatures and fun! There is also a little dragon boat riding. Very, very fun. There are also a numerous more of activities you can do. More Information

5. Red Lobster,  Bob Evans and Wasabi are very good places to take your kids and family. They have nutritious and delicious food. It also looks very appealing.

I hope that you enjoy my article and take my advice. Thank you.

Grace G., age 9.

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