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Online Dating

The Guy contacted me last night. The Guy all your girlfriends hate. The one you don't mention to the Girlfriends if he does contact you- because even the slightest hint there is contact will send them into lectures and interventions for you not to get back together.

I finally had to explain to The Guy after hearing about the fifth girl that he dated recently had implants and the ex-NFL cheerleader he lived with- that he obviously dates eye candy...which I am not. And I date intellectually smart men...which he is not. Tells me he has street smarts though to compensate- although he never read a book and isn't sure whether he finished high school. Runs a successful business and spends half his day at the country club- golf, tennis, and who knows what else with his very best female friends.

Did I mention he followed the Grateful Dead for three years and some habits die hard? He tastes bad- like cigarettes and illegal substances- well illegal in some states and other states they are opening up stores to sell it. He asks why I am bringing pineapple juice over all the time. And I wonder why the man forgets every time we make a date- isn't exactly the most reliable on the making plans front. Yeah this is going to work well with a girl who completed boot camp and has lists for her lists- color coded.

Our last contact prior to this was when he asked me to come over to watch Duck Dynasty- I had passed because watching the show and having the munchies wasn't my idea of a hot Tuesday night. When ILOVEMAKONNEN released his song, Club Going Up On A Tuesday, I don't think that is the club he had in mind which involves slim jims and camo. He indicated if I didn't come over he would call #2 and she would come over in my stead. Emotional blackmail. How did the stoner figure out how to be such a mindblower? Score one for him. I was pretty impressed.

Moral of this story: men who "brag" about their conquests usually are the models, cheerleaders, beauty queens...whereas women who "brag" about their conquests do so over lawyers, doctors, and professional men. Hopefully this isn't a throwback to childhood when little girls are encouraged to marry well- and little boys see Barbie on toy shelves. My Barbie was an astronaut- yes her suit was pink- but she wore awesome silver boots as she walked on the moon.

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