Why A Swatch Watch Is Better Than A Diamond

When I was growing up, my wish was for a Swatch Watch. For some, it is the Daisy red rider beebee gun. And no, I never got the pink bunny suit worn in A Christmas Story, and yes, I got the basketball hoop and the pink and gray ten speed bike I asked for. However, I think we all remember that one gift we never got that we asked for.

I even bought my nephew the beebee gun, who didn't even want one, just to make sure he knew he can get what he want and be the cool aunt to give himself something to shoot his eye out with. The longed for gift- we wait all year for. In my family we didn't get during the year; Christmas was THE holiday. Yes, you got the practical underwear and socks- but you got the good stuff. The knock-offs your parents tried to cut corners on- but you felt like you were like the other kids in your class- you were keeping up with the Jones. Okay maybe not them; because no knock-offs for them. But you thought you were big pimpin' like Jay-Z. For my entire Middle School life- I wanted a Swatch Watch. I saw all the cool preppy kids, with boat shoes, with a collection on their wrists. I just wanted one. Even throw me some pity and give me a knock-off.


Three years straight I woke up on Christmas Eve and would look for that little box that may fit a watch. I was like a forty-something year old woman; never married, always a bridesmaid, wanting an engagement ring. I would get through all the boxes- and the inevitable Christmas hang-over would hit me. No watch. Apparently when my mom read my list- she saw only watch, not Swatch Watch, and bought me a knock-off Ames or Caldor silver one. Before the age of the internet, you could't print out the pictures of the hints. Basically laying a bread crumb, so your spouse or parent can't get the holiday wrong.

So I always told my children the story of the Swatch Watch. Telling them how bad I wanted something and didn't get it; sometimes that the greatest gifts we can give our kids is the gift of wanting something. (As I stopped to buy more video games at Game Stop, the kids rolling their eyes). Over the years I came close to getting one. The attachment to this Swatch Watch was big. My World War 2 veteran took me to a watch shop in Orlando trying to buy me one. We couldn't find one. My ex husband- the transformer machine- took my kids to Times Square Swatch Watch store- and couldn't decide on one that I liked. I was touched just by the gesture- it was good enough as the watch with remembering what a swatch watch meant to me. Subsequently, I got a Burberry watch at twice the cost.

In my family we didn’t get during the year; Christmas was THE holiday. Yes, you got the practical underwear and socks- but you got the good stuff. In my family we didn’t get during the year; Christmas was THE holiday. Yes, you got the practical underwear and socks- but you got the good stuff.

Recently, I told my clone of a daughter the story of the Swatch Watch. Not paying attention to who was within ear shot. My nostalgia had turned into a sign for myself- that when I finally got that Swatch Watch of colorful gaudiness- I made it, I bought it for myself or it would be a sign from God. (Hey, don't knock my signs- I am not knocking the Virgin Mary in toast). 

So I received two! Two of the most special watches from a special person who heard my story. Rather, than being mad that I didn't buy myself the watches or wondering how that I came close over the years to getting one- and I really could have price point- but why didn't get one?  Something, always kept me from getting it. And now, someone special in my life, declared himself by pledging the Swatch Watches.

So ladies, I challenge yourself. Is a ring that important? Sometimes the words of "I love you" are overrated. Sure, they are nice. My dad never once said I love you- no matter how much I wanted them.  But that man drove to Texas to drive me home. That man, in the rain, changed my oil and brakes so I would be safe. That man would drop his whole life for me; to save mine. For a man to give you a Swatch Watch- to pledge that I am going to do what I can to give you what you want and support your dreams come true- isn't that what it is about than an over priced diamond? I think at times we should look at the acts of service from our friends, loved ones and the men in our life- and say this person loves me, and not worry something much over the words. Although they are nice too. But you can't get through the rain on the words with bad brakes or check the time on your wrist with them. So ladies- find a Swatch Watch Man- they are more rare than diamonds.

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