Does Turning 40 Mean Gaining 40...Pounds?

I knew I was getting a little heavier. I mean, come on, we all know. Usually a woman over, um, a certain age, have two sizes of pants in their closets. Some of it say- "fat jeans." (I know not politically correct- but I am calling a pair of jeans that not a person). Some of us say- "for my periods." And some of us say, post baby weight- who cares if it was seven or ten months or years ago when the last kid came. 

I have been suffering a lot of stress lately. When I say stress- basically everything in the world short of an actual funeral for me to attend happened. Or at least the subject of a really depressing country song. I realized when I got on that scale, not only did I get a little thicker- I gained enough wait where I was in my ninth month of pregnancy. Congratulations- the only thing I had to show for it is some empty bottle of wines, chip bags and some skipped breakfasts thinking I am making some progress. Add in some Reality Television Show binges and candy- and this girl is in Northeast Winter Heaven. We all call it winter weight- however, for me, it seems this weight ain't dropping when the suns out; the only buns coming out are hamburger ones. 

So in a very cliched and "basic" chick manner, I need to drop some weight and why not in January? Or six weeks before I am due to take a physical fitness test where I stand in front of stranger with a tape measure and cold fingers, measuring my three baby post pregnancy, teenager parenting stressed, wine and candy loving handles. Ultimate humiliation. I have been that one who has done the measuring- seeing the stretch marks and the post cancer bodies; these same women who can still outrun young men but are being judged by some numbers on a tape measure. Yeah, classy and oh so modern. 

So my goal is not to look like an Instagram photo-shopped model. My goal is to keep my job with a passing physical fitness test in hand and to show my daughters what healthy is. Healthy to me is fit. I am tossing the scale- yes, fitness addicts out there you are going to hate this- and the tape measure. Face it, I am going to school, podcasting, working, momming it and in between all that drinking wine with friends and seeking adventures. I need attainable for me. My goal is a jean size. It is not my pre-baby jean size. How about a jean size that is not double digits? I think my wide child bearing hips; okay really, it is my thighs the jeans aren't fitting over and I try to say are extra muscle (really it is not, but don't disillusion me). I am not going to show you before, during and after instagram photos. Promise. Although, I do love me some voyeurism on Instagram- it definitely motivates me as I am eating my chips and dip; working my thumbs scrolling.

Healthy to me is fit. I am tossing the scale- yes, fitness addicts out there you are going to hate this- and the tape measure.

So my first step is: I need some energy. I need motivation. If I am going to at least make it to base camp of Mount Everest on losing weight or inches- I need some energy. I don't mean yucky, chalky protein shakes and dry Amish tasting oat bars (I don't know what the amish eat, but I imagine some sort of dry grain) along with everything being disguised as chocolate. I am the only woman in the world who doesn't like chocolate.

I want a quick fix for energy and I want it now. 

So I am taking the following supplements, this is my step one to get to the point where I want to get off the couch, my work chair, my long commute, the house cleaning and laundry that is obviously not working as my exercise:

  • Calcium Pyruvate. This supplement helps to burn excess fat around the middle and thighs, while giving energy. For more reading
  • CLA. Improves immune function, while helping reduce body fat deposits. I find when I take calcium pyruvate along with CLA- huge difference of energy levels. I also don't get the jitters like other supplements. For more reading
  • Magnesium. I take at night, magnesium for the relaxation and sleep benefits- which we all need sleep for energy. However, it does help with feeling of fullness as well as water weight. For more reading
  • Green Tea. I don't take as much in the hot form, but they have low calorie additives for water or Lipton Diet Green Tea. It gives energy as well as assists with blood sugar- which makes me want to eat the bad stuff. For more reading
  • Cinnamon. Did you know you can take capsules of this?  Besides speeding metabolism- helps with brain function; which heaven knows I need now. For more reading
  • Fish Oil. Helping decrease fat cell size, hopefully you as the reader realize besides taking supplements a lot of these are found naturally in foods if you enrich your diet. For more reading
  • B Vitamins. The usual standby everyone knows of- they help make energy from the food you eat. For more reading

I am using my Reality Television Addiction To My Benefit

              Image from Boe Magazine

              Image from Boe Magazine

Some women say they don't watch it. But let's face it, a large majority of us are and it is okay if you don't want to admit it. I am in the closet too- along with my chips, candy and wine. And let me tell you- the closet is fabulous with the accessories, shoes and vacations I watch on these shows. One of the ones that is a breath of fresh air is Ladies of London. Besides the soundtrack, the editing is more natural and it also doesn't feel as scripted. I am also getting inspired on the lifestyle- between decor, fashion and the "British way." I am even tea drinking now and air kissing like a European. 

One of the stand-out inspirations is Lady Julie Montagu. My apologies if I got the rank wrong- she is the epitome of every historical romance novel I have read. Besides that, she is way more than the "character" or personality she displays on the show. Did you know her yoga classes have waiting lists in London- not even before the show started? She has launched a website with the concept: "Small moments of self-care for the healthiest happiest you." This is so my jam! Not the bracelet lines, eyeshadow E-bay sales or whatever other stuff the usual Housewives are trying to hawk. So this is concept is a membership community that includes yoga, meditation, lifestyle and nutrition inspiration. So I am going to sign up. Before I was signing up for these Housewives Facebook groups to get my Reality Show fix- but now I kinda feel like I am doing some good and being a part of it. If you want to join me, check out Truly-Julie...because I need all the help I can get.

Maybe we can make it to base camp together to drop some inches and actually like it at the same time. 

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