Miracle on a Jeep Windshield

I don't know what your religious affiliation is- I believe faith is a private matter. I believe you can't make your children be spiritual; they have to feel it on their own. 

I have chosen to provide my children with an education or foundation in the knowledge of a Higher Power. However, I have given them the option to make their decisions as to what they want to practice or not to practice. I also believe God made us as he intended- or genetics- or a mixture of science and spirituality. So if they turn out gay, straight, love other people of different race, etc- that's not my business. I know- I am sorry if you disagree when reading this- but I have gone through so much in my life that I have been stripped of judgement and humbled. I almost saw my son die and still worry how he will be- when you see death- there is other things to worry about than what goes on in the bedroom. 

I normally do not use this forum to share my personal beliefs. Okay, yes I do to an extent- but it is more about just accepting everyone is a work in progress and celebrate it, don't judge it. However, I wanted to share a letter that the neighbor wrote to us after my son fell from our balcony onto his car. The family was waiting to leave for dinner and the neighbor John (a little bit of irony on his name, right? There was disciple named John right?) was coming downstairs to meet them. The windshield, and in his belief the rosary hanging from the rearview mirror, saved my son's life. If this story can give one person some hope to hang on, to have some inspiration or just to drop some judgement on someone else's journey; then mission accomplished. 

"When Ruth called me to come down I received the call at 7:37. So for whatever reason I googled "Bible 7:37." The results came back as John 7:37 which reads, "'On the last and greatest day of the festival, Jesus stood and said in a loud voice, 'Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink.'" What this it means is whomever is in need let them put their faith in Jesus and he will help you. 

Now I was raised as a Roman Catholic. I am by no means a priest and far from the most devout but I do believe faithfully in the Catholic Church and its teachings. I as, I am sure many others go through life wondering about a great many things, not just my trials and tribulations but the good times as well. Sometimes it can feel as the universe is against you but I have found that I tend to fair/feel much better about a lot of things by giving it to God and trusting in his divine plan. 

I have no doubt that divine intervention was at hand that night. It was a miracle and we are so blessed to have been witness. I know it sounds crazy. However, after all the variables I can find no other explanation. God bless you young man and please, if you ever want to talk just reach out." Signed, John (the neighbor)

I had to share this perspective. Even if you are not religious, a changing of perspective can change an entire experience. These neighbors witnessed my son fall four stories, through the hood of their car- and instead of being mad about the damage- felt thankful. Something we need to remember in our daily lives- it is our thoughts that can change how we see a situation.

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