Chapter One. Hollywoodland.

The rungs of the cold metal felt shocking to her bare feet as she had just removed her pantyhouse to gain more of a grip.

Pulling herself higher, in the dimly lit area, she thanked God she couldn't see below her as she was scared of heights- one of the few fears she would admit to. Laughing to herself in the irony of the situation she found herself and the course of actions she was going to take- she was determined to complete the task that was set before her. 

tendrils of memories would their way through her mind’s eye...parties of gin, fast cars, even faster boys

In the distance she could hear the faint cooing of an owl and the lone cry of a coyote. She related to the coyote totem; always on the outside of the lonely, chaotic civilization called Hollywoodland...tendrils of memories would their way through her mind's eye...parties of gin, fast cars, even faster boys. Vagabond friends like specs of dust in the slivers of sunlight floating down until they find a random anonymous surface of obscurity...dust specs perpetually redundant and endless. The coyote's purpose is to live, breed, kill, die. She definitely did three of the four- and tonight she would complete the cycle. Standing at the top of the cold metal, she looked down on the lights of the city and houses nestled in the canyons and cracks. Wondering of all the thousands of lives that were living without her. She could see her clothes that were folded neatly at the base of the H, she did not want to trip on it as she was climbing the metal letters of Hollywoodland sign. She also thought it was appropriate to leave this life as she came into it- naked and afraid. Looking at the abyss of darkness below her, she could see the dirt and dry grass. Taking a breath, she pretended she was going for a swim in a pool. Making a sign of the cross. She jumped. 

And on that night, another star was born- one of the covers of the scandal magazines that were occasionally were given release to print the truth and one of the twinkling memories of a girl who came to Hollywood with a dream and a suitcase and became a part of the legend- who finds eternal youth and vitality in everlasting death.

This young scrap of a girl who was greater in death than when living. 

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