Quick Sip: Timeless TV Show

After a few kids, it is hard to find a common show to watch with the kids that either isn't a Reality Show (i.e. The Voice) or that is not going to give them nightmares.

Our pick this week is a show called TimelessThe first season is available for a good binge which makes it convenient to catch up. Yes, there is a couple scenes in sixteen episodes that have a handful of sexual innuendo or kissing scenes. And yes, there is a few people that get killed, but they isn't a lot of guts and gore when they are killed. 

The concept of Timeless is an experimental time machine is stolen. So a team of a history professor, engineer and a soldier are assembled as a random team of misfits- think a Science Fiction Version of the A-Team. They follow in time the individual who stole the invention- jumping from various times- always on the heels of the villain. They have to figure out what his purpose is- without changing history too much. They meet a various array of characters- from Charles Lindbergh to George Washington. I promise it is not a cartoon, there is enough action and humor depending on what your tastes are.


(Sampled from Wikipedia- Don't Judge Can't Be Said Any Better)

  • Flynn travels to March 2, 1836, and convinces Mexican President General Antonio López de Santa Anna to attack the Alamo three days before the actual attack occurred. Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus follow suit and enter the Alamo Mission, but Flynn kills William B. Travis, preventing him from finishing his "Victory or Death" letter. Making matters worse is the Mexican Army waving the red flag to take no prisoners in their siege. Flynn is upset that the timeline is changing; in the original timeline, Santa Anna allowed the women and children to leave the Alamo before the final assault. Wyatt and Rufus dig an underground passageway to the aqueduct, while Lucy finishes Travis's letter and entrusts it to John William Smith, who escapes with the women and children while James Bowie and Davy Crockett fend off against the invading Mexicans. Wyatt is told he will be replaced, but Lucy and Rufus convince Christopher to keep him on. Lucy's letter, although substantially different from Travis' original, preserves the timeline by rallying support for the Texas Revolution. Lucy reconciles with her mother, who writes down the name of Lucy's father, and gives it to her.
  • The trio travel to 1934 in Arkansas, as Flynn tries to find a necklace key related to Rittenhouse. Upon their arrival, they encounter Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow during a bank robbery, and discover that Bonnie is wearing the necklace key. Lucy and Wyatt help Bonnie and Clyde escape from a gunfight with the police and Flynn. Meanwhile, Rufus is arrested and interrogated by Texas Ranger Frank Hamer, but he is released. Hamer gets Barrow Gang member Henry Methvin to reveal Bonnie and Clyde's location. At their hideout, Bonnie reveals that Clyde gave her the key as an engagement gift after stealing it from Henry Ford. Methvin shows up at the hideout, as well as Rufus, but Methvin is killed by Clyde after Rufus reveals his betrayal. Meanwhile, Hamer's posse and Flynn close in, and a shootout occurs. Flynn grabs the key and escapes before both Bonnie and Clyde are shot dead by Hamer. Back in the present day, Mason warns Cahill that Agent Christopher is coming close to discovering Rittenhouse, unaware that she has them both on surveillance. Upon the trio's return, Rufus agrees to ally with Agent Christopher. Elsewhere, Flynn uses the key to open a clock, revealing a secret letter.
  • Flynn travels to April 14, 1865, the date of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. He works with John Wilkes Booth, intending to ensure the success of the planned assassinations of Vice President Andrew JohnsonSecretary of State William H. Seward, and General Ulysses S. Grant. Lucy meets Robert Todd Lincoln and attends the fateful performance at Ford's Theatre as his guest; Flynn, frustrated with Booth's refusal to use a modern firearm, takes his place and murders Lincoln himself, but Lucy saves Grant while Rufus and Wyatt save Johnson and Seward, respectively. In the present, Lucy learns that her parents never met because her father married the granddaughter of a Hindenburg passenger, which means the man who raised her was never really her biological father. Rufus refuses to make further recordings for Connor, but Connor forces him to continue on the basis of having financed his education; it is revealed that both are aware of "Rittenhouse." Lucy arrives home, late for her own engagement party, where she confronts her mother over her father's identity, but is interrupted by a greeting from her fiancé, a stranger.

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