Ultimate Guide by Giraffetools for Pressure Washer Selection


Pressure washers powered by diesel engines are ideal for moderate and heavy-duty washing. Diesel is used to power the pressure pump of the pressure washer. Indoor use is not recommended due to the presence of toxic fumes. Both hot and cold-water pressure washers are offered for diesel engines. You can get detailed information about these pressure washers from the link https://giraffetools.com/collections/pressure-washer. But in the following, some suggestions are given.

Gasoline Engine Pressure Washer

Diesel-powered pressure cleaners and gasoline-powered pressure cleaners have a lot in common. To operate the pressure pump, these pressure cleaners rely primarily on gasoline. They can handle moderate and heavy-duty washing jobs with little problem. They emit fumes and should only be used outside. These machines are used mostly on construction sites or in mining operations where high water pressure is needed for cleaning drains and flushing pipes.

Electric Motor Pressure Washer

Depending on the voltage available or the voltage for which the pressure cleaner has been specifically designed, electric pressure washers should have to be wired to either 380v or 525v power to function properly.

All of the pressure washers listed above can be portable, wall fixed, trailer mounted, frame assembled, or any combination of the above, depending on the needs of your particular business.

Important Features Of Pressure Washer


Do you know how far away the pump’s power supply is? Electric cleaners are the finest for washing automobiles. The PSI of an electric pressure washer can reach up to 2,000, which is perfect for washing automobiles. This is achieved by using a high amperage in the motor. When it comes to removing old paint from a car, diesel pressure cleaners have a greater PSI grade and are therefore better suited for car detailing.


The nozzle dimension has a significant effect on the quantity of water sprayed from the spray cannon. Occasionally, you may require a small spray for mild cleaning or a forceful spray to eliminate the most stubborn grease stains. Bear in mind that a forceful spray could cause harm to crucial components of your car. Therefore, you should choose a pressure cleaner with an adjustable nozzle that allows you to tailor the diameter of the spray to the washing task at hand.

Hose Length

A pressure washer’s hose should be no more than 10 meters in length. If you do not, you will be slamming the pressure washer into the wall all the time. In contrast, if the pressure washer’s hose is excessively lengthy, it will make it difficult to move it about. A hose reel, either labor-intensive or retractable, is a suitable accessory for pressure washers that are permanently installed or fixed on a trailer.

Cleaning Chemical

Using water alone will not always be enough to remove stains. Your task will be easier if all of your cleaning chemicals and water come from the similar source. Car shampoo and wax are excellent chemicals to use while washing cars. This is because they produce foam and help disintegrate the sticky muck deposited on the car or truck’s undercarriage. A pressure washer should not be used with aluminum cleaner while cleaning the aluminum sections of a truck with a brush.


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