Shine bright and happy with this headband wig


Are you feeling wigged out? Then the Headband Wig from ishowbeauty will be your new hair hero. This flattering, affordable half wig is a must-have for anyone who wants to enjoy gorgeous hair on the go or while their own locks grow out. With them you won’t be able to wait to show it off. The collection is versatile, a lot more realistic and makes for a great addition any day. So without further ado let’s discuss them to our heart’s content:

Style freely with Headband wigs

Headband wigs are a stylish way of changing up your bob without cutting off all those inches. The ishowbeauty features headband wigs for every age, use and style. Interesting Fact: Headbands go fabulous with cat-eye sunglasses, and it’s easy to keep your hair under wraps when you’re rushing through the airport or going on a dinner date.

The headband wig has a natural head of layered strands that wraps around all your temples and crown, proving an uninterrupted opportunity to contour your look while not blocking the view from any angles. And don’t worry – these glam wigs are durable enough to withstand all types of craziness without ever moving sideways or looking anything less than fab!

A natural hairline

Lace Front Wigs where the synthetic hair is sewn and designed to look like a natural hairline. The closure (which hides the weft of the wig on the back) is made out of lace fabric and can be attached to your own hair with bobby pins or clips for added security. They are perfect if you want long, gorgeous, flowing locks that will make anyone envious!

For those who don’t have enough length for a full weave but still want it to meet their preferred look, this product provides them an opportunity to grow their extensions over time without having short roots or showing scalp through shirt collars. You will get many looks from adding volume and tightness.

The perfect option:

The headband can be styled in a variety of different ways and is perfect for any event, including weddings. It doesn’t take a lot of patience to style. The headband wig can be thrown on for a quick disguise or to change up your look, and you won’t have to worry about any annoying pinning or gluing that might cause damage. The wig is perfect for those days when you’re feeling like getting ready in 10 minutes flat and have enough time for mental breakdowns. Pick this easy hairstyle and give yourself some much-deserved peace.

Excellent customer care:

Protect your head with these chic headband wigs. Choose from many different colors, styles, and types to match whatever look you are going for! From the Golden Goddess wig to the absolutely stunning Curved Blonde Bob, this is one collection of hair that will not disappoint. This headband wig is professionally crafted from synthetic fibers. Not only does it have a natural-looking clump of hair, but the band also keeps your style secure and out of your face.


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