Here Is How You Can Safely Buy FIFA Coins


If you have been playing FIFA for a while, you know that the game’s main objective is to win and earn coins while at it. It might seem pretty straightforward, but sometimes it is harder than it looks. If you keep losing games, then you know that you might lose out on getting coins. If you want to buy FIFA 22 coins, you need to be careful.

The main reason for this is, it is considered illegal to buy FIFA coins. Despite this, there have been players that bought the coins and used them to play the game well. If you would like to buy coins, here are a couple of things you can do to ensure you get the coins legally.

1. Get a legitimate site

 Since you cannot buy the coins in the game, you will have to do it outside. The most vital thing you need to do before you go on is get a legitimate site. With that, you are sure that you are dealing with people who will not double-cross you.

Look for reviews left about the said site. Do not go to the first site just because you think it has good deals. Look around first and see if you can gauge if the dealers are honest about their FIFA coins.

2. Pay in bits

If it is your first time dealing with a seller, it makes sense for you to pay the money in bits. You can send a deposit for the coins and only pay the balance after the remaining balance has been brought. If you pay up all your money to a stranger, then there is a huge chance that you will lose everything and not get your coins. Since it is illegal to buy coins, you cannot complain about this to the developers as it might lead to you getting banned from all FIFA sites.

3. Keep your information private

Under no circumstances should you be tempted to give your password or details about your home address to the seller. All they need is your username, and then they will transfer the coins to you. Giving out personal information will not only lead to your account being hacked, but you also risk break-ins since the person knows where you stay. Exercise the same caution you exercise when you are dealing with people on the internet.

4. Use a safe payment method

Just like it is with eCommerce sites, ensure you use a safe payment method. Ensure that your accounts come with two-step verification. That way, in case someone tries to log in after you have transacted with them, you get notified. It is also important that you do not reveal your credit card details to the seller, as most people are red flags. Your accounts might all get wiped out.

Last thoughts

Playing FIFA is only fun if you have enough coins with you. While you can earn those from the game, it takes a while for them to accumulate. For this reason, it makes sense if you buy some extra coins to keep you playing while you earn more in the game.


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