Need the Perfect Recipe for Cooking a Mouth-watering Turkey?


Turkey is the perfect centerpiece for a family dinner, but getting it right isn’t always easy. If you want to learn how to cook a perfect turkey, then you’ll need the following steps.

Cleaning Process of Turkey

The first thing you need to do before cooking the turkey is to make sure it’s cleaned out as much as possible. In fact, it is suggested you use the vacuum to get the crumbs off of it since they are a lot harder to clean out than the meat itself. Next, pre-heat the oven and get your cooking thermometer┬áready as well.

Pre-shaping Process of Turkey

Once you have cleaned out all the crumbs and cleaned out the inside of the turkey, pre-shape it (if you have the time) by removing all the ribs except for the turkey breast. Line the bottom of the turkey with paper towels or aluminum foil. Don’t stuff the turkey into the pan yet, since you’ll be cooking it later on. Instead, cover the turkey with the baking sheet. Leave the turkey exposed to the air for about one hour.

Adding Stuffing to Turkey

Next, remove the wings and gizzard and place them in a pot with two cups of chicken stock. Bring the pot to a boil and add the stuffing, sage leaves, and celery salt to the pot. Leave the pot simmering on low heat for about five minutes, checking on the pot from time to make sure the liquid does not boil over. Once the liquid has evaporated, wash the turkey thoroughly using a clean towel and place it in the pot to cook. Check it frequently to make sure the bottom cooks nicely and that the breast is not overcooked.

Turning Process

When the turkey cooks, turn it over and carefully turn the bird over so the breast side is cooking. Cook for three to four minutes, turning over halfway through. Then turn the turkey back over and continue cooking for another three to four minutes. Once the turkey is done, allow it to cool and serve with the gravy.

Knowing how to cook a perfect turkey is not really that difficult. In fact, you can cook the turkey just about any way you want. If you prefer it baked, do not spray the pot with any cooking oil before you place the turkey in it. The more oil you put in, the more pungent the meat will be when it’s ready to bake. If you like it fried, cover the turkey in oil while it’s cooking and while it’s still warm enough to fry it.

Seasoning Turkey Properly

Another question that’s on many people’s minds is how to cook a perfect turkey? What’s the secret of the classic Midwestern taste? Well, one of the secrets is taking the time to season your meat correctly. Seasoning makes the meat juicier. It also allows the turkey to have a natural taste and is less pungent than meat that’s been sitting on the grill for hours. So, if you want to know how to cook a perfect turkey, learn how to season it properly.


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