Pro Tips on How to Dry and Style Your Human Hair


Finding cheap human hair wigs in the market is indeed almost impossible but the good thing is that they are worth their expensive prices. Human Hair wigs are made from natural hair and are much more durable than synthetic wigs and they can withstand stressful conditions better.

However, they are extremely delicate and as such require tender care. This article is specially prepared to help you through the process of drying and styling your hair.

How to Dry a Human Hair Wig

  1. Place the wig right-side-out and squeeze gently with your fist to get rid of excess water. Avoid twisting and wringing the hair strand because this can cause tangling and breakage.

Avoid brushing the hair while it is still wet.

  1. Wrap the wig in a clean towel to further remove excess water. With the wig inside, wrap the towel into a bundle and press down on it. After this, unroll gently and bring the wig out. If the hair is long, be careful not to bunch it up instead, ensure that all the strands are smoothed out.
  1. Apply your preferred hair products to the hair. You can apply a conditioning spray to help with the tangles. Do not bring your spray can too close to the hair. For a curly wig, apply a little styling mousse.
  1. Allow the hair to dry under natural air. This is usually more suitable than heat drying. Do not place the wig under direct sunlight when you dry it.

If you are in a hurry to use the wig, you can blow-dry the wig on your hair using a hairdryer.

If you are going to use this method, make sure you use low heat because excessive heat can damage your hair fibers.

  1. If you want your hair to appear fuller, place it upside down while drying it. When the wig is upside down, fasten the collar part of the wig cap to a hanger. Then, place the hanger on a shower top so it can air dry

How to Style a Wig

  1. Brush your completely dried hair. Remember if the wig is straight or wavy, use a wire wig brush. On the other hand, if the wig is curly, use a wide-toothed comb. If the hair is too tangled, apply some detangling products.
  1. If need be, re-curl the wig. Some wigs lose their curls after it has been washed. So, in such cases, you can simply re-curl the wig just like you would do on your natural hair.
  1. When not in use, always place the wig in a wig stand. Do not leave it lying about carelessly else it will tangle and make the wig look unpleasant.


By simply observing these rules, you are sure to get the best out of your hair. Remember it is not just enough to take care of your human hair wig, you should also take proper care of your natural hair even though it remains hidden under a wig cap.


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