Reasons Why Automatic Retractable Hose Reels Are Popular


Hose reels come in a wide range of designs and materials. The construction directly affects the performance of the product. The most common hose reel design is the automatic retractable reel. Hose reels with automatic retractable systems are referred to as the best types of hose reels on the market. For this reason, this post will cover retractable reel benefits.

Benefits of using hose reels with the automatic retractable system

Hose reels using the automatic retractable system are top-rated among clients in varying industries. Their popularity is a result of the numerous benefits that they offer. Below are some of these benefits;

1. No manual labor

One of the main advantages of automatic retractable hose reels is that they do not require manual labor. However, before we get into this, it is worth noting that the word retraction refers to the action of winding or rewinding the hose on the reel after using it.

Conventional hose reels, like hand crank hose reels, require you to rotate the crank to rewind the hose onto the reel. However, this is not the case with automatic hose reels. They do not need any physical effort to rewind the hose. For instance, with spring-driven automatic hose reels, all you have to do is release the lock mechanism and let go of the hose.

The pressure that was stored within the springs will be released, and the hose will retract automatically. On the other hand, with motor-driven automatic hose reels, you simply have to activate the motor, and the mechanical power will take care of the retraction.

2. Simplicity

While some people argue that simplicity is not an element among all types of automatic hose reels, it is still one of the most noted benefits of these products. While the products may feature a complex design that makes automatic retraction possible, the design does not impact how you use them. Additionally, there are no complicated instructions on how to use the product. The process is quite simple. Release the stopper, and the hose will retract automatically.

3. Low maintenance

Additionally, automatic retractable hose reels are very low maintenance. Conventional hand crank hose reels require constant maintenance to ensure that the crank is working correctly. This is because issues like rust could adversely affect the performance of the hose reel. This is not the case with automatic retractable hose reels. Properly constructed hose reels do not require intricate maintenance. All you have to do is ensure that the product is well installed and all its components are in the right place.

4. Applicability with long hoses

Another advantage of these hose reels is that you can use them with very long hoses. One of the main specifications that hose reel manufacturers provide is the hose capacity that their products can manage. More often than not, automatic retractable hose reels feature a better capacity than the latter.


There are two main types of automatic retractable hose reels. These are the spring-driven and motor-driven retractable reels. Each has its benefits and downsides, which you should consider when selecting the best one. However, the benefits listed above apply to each.


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